Pneu-Logic’s globally renowned engineers have designed a dynamic air compression monitoring and control system unlike any other. As the only company worldwide to carry patented technology specific to air flow, we take energy management to an entirely new level. Our systems interoperate with all technologies and every manufacturer. And it all happens in real-time.

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It's a fresh approach to energy savings. Select plants can now benefit from a compressed air management system, without the hassle and delays typically associated with a capital budget. If you have 4-12 compressors and need to reduce energy and costs, you simply have 'Nothing-to-Lose' with our new payback option. Find out more...


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Intelligent Efficiency, it's what we do. With the rising cost of electricity, and the need to improve stewardship of our natural resources, energy management is more important than ever. Ever wonder just how much energy it takes to power your air compressors? What does that energy consumption translate to in dollars? Find out how much your company is currently spending on your compressed air system, and how much you could save with Pneu-Logic technology.

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Amount of savings in kilowatt hours our customers have seen:
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